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Black Friday Cyber Monday Mayhem

Its here... Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend!

The official start to the holiday season shopping, which only seems to go up year after year in huge numbers.

Black Friday alone is supposed to bring in a near $7.6 Billion in sales this year setting record numbers. This is a great sign for brick and mortar retail which in general has seen a slow decline in retail sales in the last 10 years. These sales are dominated by big retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target just to name a few. It seems large retailers are finally managing to find a way to combat the dominance online retailers like Amazon have established in the recent years.

Cyber Monday on the other hand is estimated to generate a whopping $9.5 Billion in sales in the single day. Many online retailers advertise very lucrative offers to attract people to their online store where they can then collect data pertaining to every individual customer. This data is very attractive to online retailers as they can retarget the audience to up sell other product based on their previous interests. A major winner during Cyber Monday which almost seems to go unnoticed are advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google. Online shops spend thousands even millions of $$$ in just the span of a few days to reach as many consumers as possible during the busy shopping time. Online shops ranging from small boutiques on Shopify to mega brands like Nike flood billions of $$$ into the pockets of Google and Facebook shareholders thanks to Cyber Monday advertisements.

TWTC is excited for the holiday shopping season. Make sure to check out the TWTC brands to see exclusive holiday offers!

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