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Trade Wars: How TWTC is Navigating Tariffs (India)

TWTC has put a large focus of finding solutions to the newly implemented trade tariffs placed between China and the USA. Currently 90% of all brands under TWTC are manufactured in China. This has forced the sourcing team to broaden views on potential manufacturing plants for the near future.

Furthermore, the team was able to resourcefully find solutions to general metal work which is a large category in the TWTC offerings. Much of the wire and welding has moved to India where we believe the emerging manufacturing market has a promising future. TWTC has been closely monitoring the manufacturing potential of India for a number of years. "We believe it is a great time to place focus on the emerging manufacturing and tech markets that India has to offer. They have shown reliable quality and consistency in the past couple of years and we are comfortable to move various manufacturing projects to the region" said President Alex Joch. The executive team is planned to visit a number of manufacturing plants in the beginning of December this year.

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